Saturday, May 19, 2007


Everybody need love and talk about love.

What is love?

There is different with another? let us see what is the definition of love and what about you?

Turn on your speaker

The question : What's LOVE?

The definition of told by children 4-8 years old!

Mathew – 6 years old :
Love is...When someone hurts you... even when you hurt don’t cry because you know it will hurt the person who has hurt you!

REBECCA – 8 years old:
Love is...When my Granny had athritis, and couldn’t paint her Granpa did it for her, even though he had athritis too...

KARL – 5 years old:
Love is... When a girl uses perfume and a boy uses after shave...and they go out together...and smell one another

LAUREN – 4 years old:
Love is... When you know that your older sister loves you...because she gives you all her old clothes...and has to go out and buy new!

TOMMY – 6 years old:
Love is...When an old lady and an old man...are still good friends even though they’ve known one another for a long time

BILLY – 4 years old (beautiful!!!!!!!)
Love is... When someone loves you...the way they say your name... It’s different!

CHRISSY 6 years old:
Love is... When you go out and offer your potato chips to someone, without waiting for the other person to offer you his!

BOBBY 5 years old:
Love is...what is with us at Christmas...when you stop unwrapping your presents...and you listen to him!

NIKKI - 6 years old
Love is... If you want to learn to love better...start with a friend you don’t like!

SAMANTHA – 7 years old
(Note: the deepness in this expression)
Love is...When you tell someone...something bad about yourself...and you are scared that, that person won’t love you because of what you said...then that person surprises you by loving you even more!

JENNY 4 years old:
Love is... There are 2 kinds of love...Our love and the love of GOD...The love of GOD joins both!

CHRIS – 8 years old:
Love is...When Mommy sees Daddy all swetty and dirty...but still tells are still more handsome then "ROBERT REDFORD"

NOELLE – 7 years old:
Love is...When you tell a boy that his wearing a beautiful shirt...even though he wears the same one everyday!

JESSICA – 8 years old:
Love is...Never say I LOVE YOU only when we feel like it...and if we feel it...then say it more often...people forget to say I LOVE YOU!

PATTY – 8 years old:
Love is...To say NO!

MARY ANN – 4 years old:
Love is...When your pet dog licks your face...even though you have left it all alone the whole day!

KAREN – 7 years old:
Love is... When you love someone...your eyes roll up and down...and little stars shine from them!

MAX – 5 years old
(For sure the best definition of love I have ever heard)
Love is...GOD could have said magic words to be released from the nails on the cross...but HE didn’t...That is LOVE!

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  1. good definitions of love..
    I liked what billy and samantha said...

    Love is giving....The more you give ,,the more u get

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