Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Help me GOD...

Dear All Friend,

When i want to start blogging and want to shared all my struggle, i have another struggle.

All my friends, please pray for my beloved wife Erna, who seeks to be restored to good health @ ICU Siloam Hospital. Her blood vessel on brain is damaged by aneurysm. Blood vessel on right head that damaged already done by clipping medical operation and today is 10th days after operation.
The others aneurysm will do by next weeks. This is the big problem of mine and also big cost, i don't know how to pay that cost. I need your pray for us, may GOD bless us and GOD help us to meet my needs, GOD pay the Hospital cost.

Thanks GOD.
If somebody want to help me, send me an E-mail and Thanks for your support.

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