Thursday, June 21, 2007

Be ye Merciful

There is a husband got internal issue problem communicate with his wife, he say that his wife is not a good listener. For the reason, he shall to make a test that undetected his wife.

At an evening he sitting far from his room, his wife is overshadowing him, so she lose sight over him.

Considerably slow the husband says, "Hi...Do you hear my Voice..?", ....there is no comment from his wife.

He's near by a few, then again asked her, "Hi...Do you hear my Voice..?", again...,there is no comment

Then without voice he going forward nearer and saying the same words, but still there is no comment.

Finally, he standing up precisely behind his wife and asked, "Hi...Do you hear my voice..?"

He is surprised and sorrowful when his wife answered him with angry, "Yes, that's the fourth called....!"

Shall we blame our couple for unknowingly the problem of which in fact..??
We have to check and asked our couple what's wrong before blaming them.

This is an example about judging. Most of us criticize the mistake of others, to shut up that we also often doing the same mistake.

We also tend to find the mistake of others, which in fact not its mistake but our mistaken.

God recognize the nature of us with better, that's why he says, "Be ye therefore merciful" as your Father also is merciful. Judge not, and ye shall not be judget; condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven" (luke 6:36,37)

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  1. sad but true. couples tend to be so comfortable with each other that they forget that each one has needs to be met. and communication plays a big role in keeping the relationship last. i also made a post related to this about listening, If you have time please visit. Nice post Pieter. Have a blessed day today.

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