Sunday, June 24, 2007

Light to the soul

Most people feel good if the weather is fine, but will be gloomy if the sky visible overcast. To exploit this condition, Tourism industry offering many glorious weather moment vacation package.

There is nothing wrong, we enjoy sunshine and all easiness accompanying it.

But, if we always rely on fine weather for pleasure us, hence our mood also can change like weather.

That's the condition of me when still adolescent and not yet become a real Christian.

I always check situation of the weather, every morning.
I am happy when weather is fine then I am sad if overcast.

One night, I am conscious that I require Lord. I accept His pardon to my sin and invite Him to live in my life. Then tomorrow morning I’m forget to check the weather!, but that’s no more matters "The truth light" had enlightened my life and replaced the source of that dicey part with His Blessed.

After that time, even my personal life is often got trouble, but the God have come as "Shield and Sun" in my life (The LORD God is a sun and shield. The LORD grants favor and honor. He does not hold back any blessing from those who live innocently.)

It is true I still take a fancy to sunshine day, but now I’m not “Sun Devotee” anymore.

Now I’m children of God which Lord always shine at my heart, however situation of weather outside

Which one of you ? God enlightened your life or depend to the weather?

My Wishing:
  • That I may know him,
  • And the power of HIS resurrection,
  • And the fellowship of HIS suffering,
  • Being made conformable unto His death:

    • I call your Name,
    • Exclaim to You
    • Cause you are the God,
    • is King of the king and the owner of my life

  • I raise my hand, surendering at YOU
  • Your power makes me more than a winner

    • Cause you God is my Redeemer
    • Cause you God is my Sun and Shield
    • Cause you God is my Rescuer

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