Saturday, June 02, 2007

Life Lesson

One day in the jungle. A group of monkeys make a competition to reach the top of a tower slick.

The spectator meets together around the tower to see the game and give scream for the player spirit.

The race began.

The spectator believed there is nothing players will reach out for and touch the top of the tower.

From the spectator got sound:

“This is Impossible, the way is difficult, they will never finish”

One by one of the contestant fall. Except a little monkey has more spirit slowly goes high.

The scream from the spectator always:

“Too difficult, nobody can finish”

But, a little monkey goes high more and more.

The surrender for little monkey is never.

Others contestant give in to continued the race, Only the little monkey reach the tower top with his endeavor harder.

At the end of the games, others contestant wants to know, how the little monkey can do this, because they cannot believed what the little monkey had do.

One of the contestant asked the little monkey, “How you find the power to reach out for and touch the tower top?”

But Little monkey didn't answer the question, he only give his smile .

Why ??????

Did you think that the surprised is:

Little monkey who win the game is a deaf mute.

so what ?

We can found a lesson from this story, did you found that? see below.

The message from this story is:

1. Don’t hear the people that be negative or pessimistic, because they take all your big dreams.

2. Always listen the wise word for your thinking and read good things to improve your knowledge, caused everything that you ever heard and ever read can impacted to your act.

3. That is why, be positive.

And the most important is:

Act as a deaf mute if somebody told you, your dreams or your opportunity is impossible

Be thinks like this. "I CAN DO THIS"
Did you know why ? because you can.

Sometimes we never aware, that half of our succeed is learning by do.

Impossible is nothing, as long as you try your best.

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