Thursday, June 21, 2007

Give Thanks

Thanks goodness utterance non simply by us to say, but have to be pushed by belief. Just be grateful, without realized in our life it doesn't mean anything.

We are taught, always to be grateful to the GOD. If we grateful cause we are blessed, for example anniversary moment, occupation promotion or have new house, that's have become ordinary matter.

But if we find difficulties like, dismissing from work, ill, etc, still can we say thanks to the God?

If we still can, this is amazing. This is our Lord wanted from us.

We have to Learn, be always grateful..!

Don't limit our thanks utterance to the Lord by condition or situation which is happened.

When we can say thanks to the God in all situation, that's the power of Lord expressed.

Because thanks utterance have power which is equal to the power of prayer and praise.

People who always grateful without grumbling, That is a Children of God and God will always be with you.

From now on, say Thanks to the Lord for the goodness or badness in our life, we have to try doing it and trusted that He is Good...God bless you...!

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