Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blog reaction exchange - participant

I just start my new link exchange strategy called Blog reaction.
I found this idea on my study about blog link exchange. I know that blogger aware about exchange link is to increase Technorati rating as well, and Google PR and other search engines

Most bloggers have great trouble exchanging links with other blogs, and this is also happened with me. We need exchange link be fair

So now, my Personal journal blog want to participate this link point to the content strategy. I just follow that blog rule (see the rule at: Blog reaction exchange)

My tag is:

  • Life is just around the corner . . .
    This is about her personal life journal. She is a working mom with 2 beautiful girls. I love her blog, Lot of blessed content out there.

  • Lalita - Beautiful Converging Paths
    Description of her blog is "When every day seems the same, it is because we have stopped noticing the good things that appear in our lives (The Alchemist)"

  • A Day In The Zone
    Author: annmarie.
    It's about taking a stab at getting her body healthy. The good and the bad. She guess this blog will help her be accountable for her self during her weight loss attempt. let's see, another diet for her..that is what it is about.

  • PJ LightHouse
    It's about Bringing Joy, Love and Hope by Maverick Chen. PJ Lighthouse was conceived to bring ‘light’ to people around PJ and all around the world. Bringing hope. Changing lives.

  • AMy EPL Reviews
    By Chole. It's about hus English Premier League reviews. Read reviews on the EPL, daily updates, fixtures, results, top players, teams, ex-epl, choice for PFA Player of the Year & PFA Young Player of the Year and the very best of EPL, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A.

  • Ravellians
    Psycho-linguistical Dialectology: From The Edge, The Blog of Bobby Revell: Original Poetry, Expressions Beyond Genres, Eastern Philosophies, Racial Unity, Spiritual Growth, Twisted Humor, Original Art, Limitless Thinking, Politics, Guitar and Learning

  • If you want to joint this exchange link with mine, leave your comment will added you in above listed.


    1. Once you joint this train, leave comment here and put your joining post content address here...Good Luck

    2. Hi pieter i added you in my technorati favs. =)

    3. Hi Peter, try to follow but failed. Pls advise me .. Anyway will put yours in my link ..but please be patient, since I don't have much time to play aroud with my blog nowadays...

      Thanks to link me anyway ...