Friday, April 27, 2007

Brain teasers (Hidden images)

Yesterday i had posted the brain teasers that i called hidden images, this is my last brain teasers.

Do you enjoy a good mental challenge? Try my previous posted about brain teaser/hidden images and this. This is fun and improved your brain.

What do you see in this scenery ?

There is a hidden face is this.

What about this ?
how many animals consists in this face?

This face consists of 30 animals

This is a nice flowers.
Can you find something in this ? nothing ?

Find the persons in this foliage

How many hidden images did you find?

There is 9 hidden images inside this.

focus on this.

Find the couple.

Find the baby.

Everybody knows about Einstein.

In Einstein's face you'll see the three graces

Can you find the sleeping women?

and the last.

The spirit is looking at the grave.

Do your eyes deceive you ? What we see is not really what is around us, it's just a visual representation of reality created by brains.

Our brains allow us to see things in a certain fashion because of the way they process information. If we were fish, we'd see things complete differently, we'd have no perception in three dimensions, we'd see in black and white and we'd be able to see all around us - but not to the front.

Brain illusion teaser is a series of tricks to catch your brain out and illustrate that what you think you see is not always correct.

Wish you all, Happy weekend.....

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