Sunday, April 22, 2007

Facing your Problems

The expression and underlying emotions displayed during a conflict may reveal the strength or weakness of the marriage.

Below is a facial expressions, which can reveal true feelings even when words don't.

a big smile, with popping eyes, indicates
a positive surprice, Something unexpected
but unpleasant yields the eye-pop only
Either way, a short-lived stated.

A calm voice and positive body language
learning forward, for example-signal
the genuine article, it's real desire to hear
a partner's opinion. not an attempt to influence.

The tone is cold or loud, the wording staccato.
But honest anger, an internal state, is different
from contempt, directed at the spouse.
A fake smile, without raised cheeks, may ask anger.

A "low and slow" voice often signals that
one partner is trying to force the other to his
or her view. Ranges from lawyerly cross-
examination to blatant threats.

Outright fear is rare; a lower-grade version-tension-
is a more common. And a wife's tension, if pronounced,
can a predictor for divorce down the road.

Passivity and sulking can look like stonewalling
or disengaging a fight, but sad people maintain more
eye contact than stonewallers.

If prolonged, this expression is a red alert.
Especially when accompanied by sarcasm
and insults, it suggest a marriage in serious trouble


  1. Yea, you can hide anything but your expressions. :D There are just too many parts of your moving body that can tell-tale what you feel!

  2. Hmmm...ok, guess me! wink...wink.!

  3. Hahaha! The faces look so cute! Yep! Facial expression and impression is the FIRST thing that people will see. In fact from the Social Psychology that I studied last time, the most important part of a body are your EYES. The very first contact with people.

    Nice post!

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