Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wise Words

I Like this wise word. tried to do for my spirit.

  • "I always hope even the hopes don't always prove"
  • "Only with the sufferings of life can teach the people for give respect about goodness and the attractive of life"
  • "Be happy is the man finds wisdom and discernment, because it is more precious than corals."
  • " Attentive with promise because it would measure your honesty"
  • "Misery and poverty life is the test on for people who would get successfullness"
  • "Work time by the lazy man was tomorrow, today is for his holiday"
  • "When you can't get your idea on one way, get it on another way"
  • "Stand your own as ocean, so that every must be accepted high faith."
  • "Remember ..! the work you don't like do it today, not sure shall you do it tomorrow" .........trust me.
Hopefully we can do our best to ours life..

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