Friday, April 27, 2007

The Hidden Images

Try to find the hidden images in this picture:

a lot of hidden images inside this picture, count them to refresh our brain

Look at the picture, what do you see
Images nearby....and far away

okay, can you see the dog ???

Where are the women, the horse, the lion, the old man and the wolf.
and what else do you see ?

How many hidden images : Horse, Bear, Lion, Eagle, Wolf, Father, Women, and ???

This picture got 7 Horse Images, can you find that ?

Find 10 Faces in this tree.....
my colleague told this is really brain teasers.

Can you find all the hidden images?...will posted another hidden images.


  1. Wow these pictures are GREAT! Real brain teasers. Where did u get them? Nice!

  2. you never seen that? btw, did you find all the hidden images ?
    I find that picture long time ago from my friend to improved our imagination. Tomorrow will post another hidden images picture. thanks for drop.